We're committed to bettering the lives of our customers, crewmember and communities — and inspiring others to do the same.

We recognises its role in managing social, economic and environmental issues. We will continually seek to improve our social and economic contribution and minimise any environmental impacts of our business.

As Fullcare continues to grow, so does our impact in the communities. Corporate social responsibility is who we are at Fullcare. It's our business model. It's the nonstop dedication to align our efforts to reflect the diverse interests and core values of our company. It's constantly striving to enrich the lives of others every day. It's sustaining our environment for future generations. And it's inspiring our customers and crewmembers to do the same.


Our Green Committee led by senior management establishes green policies and practices throughout its diversified operations.

We encourage clients and staff to consider the full impact of their business operations on the environment, and to make energy conservation and waste reduction part of their strategy.


We strive always to be a good neighbour to the surrounding community, and are active in the support of a number of charitable causes. We are proud to support employee volunteering opportunities and fundraising campaigns.


We place a high priority upon being a good employer, where there are equal opportunities. We focus on the exceptional opportunities we give all team members to train and study for professional qualifications and self-development, enabling every individual to achieve their career potential. All of this to take place in a safe and secure workplace that is conducive to the health and welfare of employees.

Environment & Social Reporting

Improving Our Community and Our World 2010 & 2011 Report
Ours Responsibly, 2007 Report